Things We Learn From Being A Nurse

by Katrina Millar

As nurses, there are many things that we learn from what we do. The experiences and learning we get from our job change our lives and the way we view life and even death. For most nurses, these are the most common things that we often learn from our profession.

1. We may not always hear our patients say "thank you" but that doesn't mean we should treat them differently. Every patient is fighting his own battle and we don't know exactly how he feels. The best thing we can do to make that person feel better is to do our tasks and responsibilities to the best of our abilities. From time to time, we may meet patients who are not as cheery as the others. This only goes to show that patients did not choose to be in the hospital. But for nurse, we chose to be there and assist every patient assigned to us. That's why it is us nurses who should be more patient and understanding.

2. Being understanding to patients does not mean being a doormat. Just because we need to be more understanding of patients does not give them the right to verbally or physically abuse us. When this happens, we need to inform our leaders or superiors about it.

3. We know the importance of life and health. We have seen so many deaths in our profession that these moments give us a chance to take better care of ourselves and the people around us. We have also seen people who have been given another shot at life or being given the miracle of life. This makes us feel how precious life is.

4. We know that the amount of responsibility we have is immense. We are responsible for administering medicines to patients, checking their stats and giving physical and emotional assistance to them. We are accountable for our actions towards them and so it is essential to provide the right nursing care.

5. We do not know everything. While we may hold a nursing license, this does not equate us to being omniscient medical professionals. We need guidance and we need to ask for help when we are unsure of what actions and steps to take. When we look back at the time when we were still new to the profession, we always ask questions to people who are more knowledgeable- our mentors, superiors and experienced coworkers.

Graduating from ASN courses and working as registered nurses is not an easy job. It takes patience, hard work and understanding. Nursing education also needs the same qualities. So whether you're a student or a professional nurse, always do your task to the best of your abilities.

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