On 18 April 2017, the Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull removed the 457 visa mainly because of the abuse of it.  There have been some announcements of what will happen. I am not sure that it will affect nurses as much as some of the other skilled people. There is not much skill needed to flip a burger. People here can flip burgers if they are students and paid the proper amount.  Several big companies have been caught not paying their staff the correct wages or doctoring up the time sheets. A number of 7/11 franchises operators have been caught.

  • There will be short-term (2 years) and medium-term (4 years) visas issued.
  • More targeted occupations with skills needed in Australia
  • 2 years work experience (that already is a requirement with current Filipino education.)
  • Must pay Australian market income currently $53,900PA is minimum wage.
  • One onshore extension, as some have been studying for 20 years
  • Permanent residency after 3 years
  • Police check
  • Condensing the occupation list


More to come but I don’t believe that it will affect the Nurse applications very much