Notification and Conditions of Sponsorship

Once the visa application is approved, DIAC will notify you via email. As soon as you are notified you should contact the hospital making you the offer of employment so that you can arrange a commencement date.

Mandatory conditions of sponsorship by SESLHD

(Please understand these conditions before lodging your visa application)

  • The period of sponsorship is four years unless you request to be sponsored for a lesser period. The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) will advise you of the visa expiry date when your visa is approved.
  • Your Long Stay Temporary Business Visa, when approved by the Australian authorities, is valid while you remain employed by a public hospital in New South Wales.
  • During your period of sponsorship, you may negotiate to move to another hospital within NSW Health’s public hospital system and your visa and sponsorship arrangements will remain valid.
  • However, if you decide to take up a position with another employer, for example in the private sector, or in another state of Australia, you must apply to DIAC to have your visa status changed.
  • You should also be aware that SESLHD has an obligation under its sponsorship agreement with DIAC to inform them when you have terminated your employment with us.

In such circumstances, DIAC may decide to:

  • cancel your visa and ask you to leave Australia or,
  • alter your visa status (which may prohibit you from working in Australia) or,
  • ask you to leave Australia and apply for re-entry under another classification.

Medical Cover While in Australia

It is a requirement of your 457 Long Stay Temporary Residency Visa that you have arranged private health insurance for the period of your stay.

Period of cover:
You will need to provide evidence to DIAC (when applying for your visa) and SESLHD upon commencement of employment that you have taken out appropriate private health insurance cover.